*1/17/2016 Meeting will be in the Razorback Room & the Hotel will be providing food at $5 per person*


This is just a quick reminder about The Northwest Arkansas Coin Club Meeting tomorrow night at the Embassy Suites from 6pm-9pm. Attached are several items: Auction sheet, Coin Club Bylaws, and Rules for the auction. Please print those out if that is something you need. 


Christmas Party Highlights:

-79 people attended (members and guests)

-55 Silver Eagles were given away, 1 for each member that attended.

-6-six pence coins were given away in the drawing to the guests.

-12 Centerpieces were given away to the guests. 

-Tom Yancey gave another excellent presentation, about Boxing Day.


2016 Highlights:

-128 individuals have joined the Northwest Arkansas Coin Club since its founding in March of 2015

-107 Members were active by the end of 2016. We had 71 active members at the end of 2015

-32 Lifetime Members

-1st Coin Show in June of 2016 was a great success

-1st Summer picnic was a fun time. 

-50.36 was our average attendance per meeting for 2016. 32.10 was our average attendance for 2015. 


 A few quick notes about tomorrow night’s meeting as well as a few other items:

-Meeting will be on the second floor of the Hotel in the Razorback Room.  Please ask the front desk if you need help finding this room.

-We are going to try our best and start the meeting at 6:00pm, so we can finish as close to 9:00pm as possible.   

-Numerous Members have been donating books to the club and we have started a small Numismatic Library and these are available to members to check out. Please check with one of the officers if you would like to borrow a book. 

-Annual Memberships are currently $25. Membership becomes delinquent March of 2017 

-Please notice that the auction rules have changed. The only change is that all members are allowed to bid on their own items in the auction, but will be required to pay 5% to the club if they are the winning bid on any of their own items.

-We do take Credit/Debit Cards as a form of payment.

-With a Lifetime Membership every time you purchase $10 of Raffle tickets you will receive 2 extra tickets each time for being a lifetime member, and with $5 purchase of raffle tickets and you will receive one extra ticket each time, and you are allowed to sell 10 auction items at each months meeting.



March 17th Meeting: 15

April 21st Meeting: 22

May 19th Meeting: 26

June 16th Meeting: 27

July 21st Meeting: 36

August 18th Meeting: 37

September 15th Meeting: 31

October 20th Meeting: 36

November 17th Meeting: 41

December 9th Christmas Party Meeting: 50

January 19th Meeting: 32

February 16th Meeting: 47

March 15th Meeting: 40

April 19th Meeting: 50

May 17th Meeting: 50

July 16th Meeting: 53

August 16th Meeting: 48

September 20th Meeting: 46

October 18th Meeting: 45

November 15th Meeting: 64

December 13th Christmas Party Meeting: 79

Our Membership has now grown to 128 members since March 2015, 107 are active memberships, and 32 of those are now Lifetime Members.

We have also had 57 new members join in 2016, please reach out and introduce yourself to some of the new members to help them feel welcomed.


November Meeting:

-Bill Nelson made an announcement about upcoming Christmas Party, Brad Boomsma doing the auction, and Tom Yancey doing the Christmas presentation.

-Daniel Yarbrough gave the Treasurers report.

-Mark Yarbrough Jr. read the Secretaries Notes.


January Monthly Drawing Items will be:

1/10 oz 2016 Gold Eagle

1899 1C Indian MS63BN PCGS

1881-S $1 Morgan AU58 PCGS

1944-S 5C Jefferson War Nickel MS66 PCGS

January Issue of the Numismatist

$1 buys 1 Ticket, $5 buys 6 tickets, $10 buys 13 tickets, & $20 buys 27 tickets

First Ticket has First choice, Second ticket has second choice, etc…6 tickets will be drawn


Last Month’s Drawing winners:

1st Steve Weeks 1997 1/10 oz Gold Eagle

2nd Nathan Puckett 1997 1/10 oz Gold Eagle

3rd Ken Way 1965 Canadian Proof Set

4th Andy Ellis 1998 US Proof Set

5th George Buckalew 1995 US Proof Set

November Issue of the Numismatist


Door Prize:

2016 1oz Silver Eagle


Last Month’s Door Prize Winner:

Sorry forget to take note of the Winner-2015 1oz Silver Philharmonic



Only members can sell items in the auction. Each Lifetime Member is allowed to auction 10 items, Annual Members are allowed 7 items. 95% of the combined sell price will go to the seller, 5% of the combined sell price will go to the club. Any seller who sells a combined total of more than $300 will only pay $15 to the club. If selling choice, highest bidder gets their choice, and second highest bidder gets his choice at the same price as the highest bidder. Attached is an auction sheet and rules for the auction.


Upcoming Coin Club Meetings:

1/17/2017-Razorback Room


Embassy Suites-The Rogers Room
3303 S. Pinnacle Hills Parkway
Rogers, AR 72758